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Keep calm and

Customize Squarespace

Save time. Stay sane. Bring your idea to life.

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Get quick A’s for simple Q’s

Meet the ultimate css cheat sheet

A handy quick reference guide of the most common CSS terms that you can use in your everyday custom Squarespace site projects!

Get it here

Understand the potential of code

Learn how to customize your site

From CSS cheat sheets, to step-by-step tutorials to mini courses. These resources are for ambitious DIYers and designers who are determined to customize their Squarespace site.


Ask for help

Let me take care of it for you

If you’re a DIYer or a Squarespace designer, and don’t have the mental space to write and implement a customization on your site, good news! You don’t have to.

I can take the task out of your hands and bring your customization idea to life for you!

Oh yeah, by the way

Hey! I’m Beatriz

I'm a Squarespace designer & revamper with a love for tweaking and fixing things, both online and in real life.

I help ambitious DIYers and designers customize the heck out of Squarespace – with minimum effort – so they can stop being seen like just another creative in their niche.

On a more personal note, I'm a cat-lady fueled by tea, sit-com references, and cheesy puns. And I'm not afraid to bring any of them up any chance I get.

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