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Keep calm and

Customize Squarespace, effortlessly

Save time. Stay sane. Bring your idea to life

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Learn to use code in Squarespace to customize your Squarespace site

Learn it

If you want to KNOW the how and why behind the different Squarespace customizations you can do to your site, check out the step-by-step tutorials and trainings available to help you become a master tweaker of sites!

Plug it

Don’t really care about how a customization works, and just want to make it happen? No problem! Then head over to the shop to check out all the plugins available for you to implement on your site right away!

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Outsource it

If your customization idea is driving you up against the wall, and – for your laptop’s sake – you can’t spend another minute searching for answers to go DIY, then take a deep breath and let me work my magic to bring your idea to life!



1. Fill out the application form to let me know the details about your project.

2. I’ll evaluate if it’s possible to bring your idea to life, based on your requirements and template.

3. I’ll get back to you with a quote and timeline so you can book your project and get started!


What's the average timeline for a customization project?

It depends! Some customizations are more complex to implement than others, some require more experimentation, and not all projects involve the same amount of customizations. From project start date to delivery it can take anything between 3 days to 2 weeks (excluding support period). I can give you a precise timeline for your specific project once you share all the details with me through the application form!

Do I have to touch the code after you've implemented it on my site?

It depends! I do my best to avoid my clients any sort of code tweaking or handling, however depending on the customization it might be necessary for you to touch it. Whenever this happens, I make sure to give my clients step-by-step instructions on how to do it!

Do you have to implement the code on my site or can I do it?

If you like adding code to your site and just need to have the right snippet to be able to implement it, I'm more than happy to create it for you! Some of my clients prefer these "personalized or custom plugins" to add on their own, and they usually request an unlimited use license as well to be able to apply it to all the sites they need!

What type of customizations can be done?

I work my magic with HTML and CSS! I have some JavaScript knowledge but rather refer the more complex customizations to someone else. This means that my main focus is visual customizations (including basic animations) and not so much functionality customizations; so if your request includes a "when this gets clicked/loads/scrolls, this other thing should happen" I may not be able to help you.

Nonetheless, CSS is VERY powerful, so don't hesitate to share your project with me through the application form so I can evaluate the possibilities!

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Do I know you?

Hey! I’m Beatriz, or "B" for short, and I’m the tea-drinking, cat-hugging, pun-making Squarespace designer behind Thirty Eight Visuals.

But most importantly, here’s what I know about YOU:

  1. Your sanity, motivation (and laptop!) are currently in danger if you waste another second filling up your browser’s history with forum answers, while crossing your fingers numb, hoping to find the exact code snippet you need to tweak that thing on your client’s site.

  2. You’re getting increasingly frustrated creating sites that feel "good enough", and you wish you could know how to build the gorgeous design you have in your head without having to become a developer – as long as you understand the code you’re pulling off the internet to tweak your template you’re golden!

  3. You’re this close to losing it because for some strange reason, there doesn’t seem to be a native option to make that silly little change you’re after through the Site Styles! Which wouldn’t be a big deal if you knew how to write your own custom code.

Look, I get it because I’ve been there! And that’s exactly why this site exists.

I’m determined to show you and other fellow designers, how to customize the HECK out of Squarespace – with minimum effort – so you can stay sane and create sites that are different from everyone else’s!


I’d love to hear from you!

Got a project or customization idea in mind but don’t know how to make it happen?

Share all the details with me through the application form and I’ll see how I can work my magic for you!

For everything else, you can email me at