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Using Squarespace? This is for you


(i.e. with as little effort as humanly possible, but "effortlessly" is catchier)
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Because yes, it sucks

You’ve built your business from the ground up with effort, sweat, tears and loads and loads of caffeine.

You’ve made sure everything you do, and everything you offer, matches your passion and your unique talents.

So yes, it TOTALLY SUCKS that your Squarespace design looks just like everyone else’s, but with a different branding.

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But, you can do something about it

You CAN build a truly custom website without having to reinvent the wheel.

You CAN bring those ideas you have in mind to life without wasting hours scouring the internet for answers.

You CAN learn a new skill that will allow you to take full control of your own design(s)



Wait wait, don’t freak out!

Custom code is what’s going to help you customize the heck out of your Squarespace site to create something truly unique by a little, or by a lot! It’s all up to you!

And, you can also decide which road to take to get there depending on how comfortable you feel about it!

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The fun road

“I want to learn!”

If you’re looking to create a more custom design, and want to truly understand how code works to be able to write your own code for the things you can’t find, you’ll LOVE these Squarespace customization resources!

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The Zen road “I’m going insane, help!”

If you’re about to pull your hair out or throw your laptop against the wall, then let me take care of those customizations for you so you can relax and keep doing what you love!

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The short road “I want a quick spruce”

If what you want is to quickly customize your site with a simple and quick approach, then stay tuned because the best solution for you is coming very very soon!


Hey! I'm Beatriz, or simply "B"

I’m the cat-hugging, tea-loving, pun-making Squarespace designer & revamper behind Thirty Eight Visuals.

My goal is to help passionate creatives and designers customize the HECK out of Squarespace, so they can stop feeling they look like everyone else in their niche.

Because they’ve worked SO hard to create a business that truly sets themselves apart, that they should be able to effortlessly reflect that through a truly custom Squarespace site... without losing their mind in the process.

Rings a bell?

About Beatriz Squarespace revamper and custom code services.png

Long story short


I started my business because I fell in love with web design.

It was something I realized I could do, mostly on my own terms, and that it made me feel smart while doing it (few things did).

I discovered this new talent at a very difficult time in my life, so that’s probably why I got obsessed with it. Because it was an incredibly succesful distraction that over time became my passion.

Everything began with the website mockups I learned how to create in 2015, and from there things just evolved as I kept discovering new aspects of web design.

Eventually I hit a major roadblock when I discovered that even when Squarespace was pretty cool, it was limiting my ideas.

So, while doing my best to provide my first big client with the exact design I had offered – having completely disregarded its feasibility – I stumbled into custom code.

Even when it took me a while to get the hang of it, I felt unstoppable!

Not only because I could break that creative wall I had run into, but because I FINALLY found a way to set my business apart from so many others in my industry, and be able to reflect it through my own website.


Ready to look different online?