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Custom Squarespace templates: a tour behind the scenes

Wondering what it would be like to use a custom Squarespace template created by a third-party? Not sure if using one of these templates could work for your client projects? Take a look at this tour behind the scenes of one of Ghost Plugin templates to see what it’s all about!

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Creating half, angled and floating effect backgrounds in Brine

If you’re using one of Brine templates, or pretty much any other template in Squarespace, you’re most likely wanting to make the best out of their banner sections. These can be used in many creative ways to add an extra touch of “huh… I wonder how they did that?“

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Make changes to a specific banner in the Brine template family

It seems like one of the most common struggles DIYers and designers alike have when creating a site in Squarespace, is finding out how to make changes to a specific banner on their site. In today's post, I'll show you how to style a specific index…

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