How to make your Squarespace design look good in mobile

You can't control WHERE your audience sees your content, only HOW they see it.

So, it's your responsibility as a designer to make sure your audience, and your client's audience, is able to consume the content anywhere.

Now I know that sounds like a very boring and tedious task. I mean, on top of eeeeverything else you do when you create a website you also have to be checking that it looks great on mobile??


And this is not a matter of making things look "pretty", it goes beyond that.


Look, I know this is not an exciting topic but I promise you the solution to your mobile issues is much simpler than you think.

That's why I created a completely free training on making changes to your Squarespace design only on small screens!


In the video, I walk you through everything you need to know to take matters into your own hands and make any element on your site look how YOU want to on mobile.