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Creating half, angled and floating effect backgrounds in Brine

If you’re using one of Brine templates, or pretty much any other template in Squarespace, you’re most likely wanting to make the best out of their banner sections. These can be used in many creative ways to add an extra touch of “huh… I wonder how they did that?“ and to create the oh so desired illusion of making images FLOAT over another index section.

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Turning the Gallery Block title into a colorful label

If you’re using a Gallery Block as category thumbnails for your blog, to redirect to your different service packages, or anything else that works best with an identifying label, you’re gonna love today’s customization! We’ll be turning the Gallery Block slide titles into colorful labels! And even give EACH a different color!

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Add custom social icons to your Squarespace header

If you’re doing a custom design, you may be wanting to go all in with things like colors, fonts, patterns and icons. So, if you want to include those gorgeous social media icons you – or your graphic designer –created, keep reading my friend because we’ll be looking at how you can add custom social media icons to your Squarespace header!

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