Squarespace customization made simple
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A monthly membership for Squarespace designers who are too curious for their own good

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Let’s face it,
you’re kinda weird

I mean, you *gasp* find using custom code FUN!

In fact, you:

  • VOLUNTARILY look for ways to add customizations on your client site because you find CSS thrilling.

  • Get a rush of excitement when you finally figure out how to make that tweak you’ve been fighting with for hours or days!

  • Want to learn more to not only get more creative with your designs, but also to make more effective customizations that solve your client’s issues without creating an inconvenience for them (and you!) when it’s time to update.

  • Love to understand HOW code works the way it does and WHY what you’re doing is working the way it does.


As much as you enjoy spending time experimenting (usually on your own site), things can get frustrating.

You also:

  • Notice how family and friends just nod and smile politely when you try to explain to them what you just accomplished; they think you're speaking in tongues.

  • Want to be able to do more and become faster with code. After all, customizing and tinkering your client's site is only part of what you do.

  • Know enough to write code on your own, but you still feel you’re missing key concepts that could help you troubleshoot things much quicker.

  • Are really good at figuring out most customizations on your own and with a bit of research, but sometimes you have a coding question that you’re not even sure how to explain, and don’t really know who to ask.

Sounds familiar?

Join the club!


Let your geekiness flourish and get instant access to:

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The Geeks Club Hangout

A private group where you'll be around people who actually know what you're talking about, be able to receive prompt advice on the customization's you're working on, ask questions, and share your wins!

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Exclusive perks

Discounts on plugins, trainings and services, so you can get any additional resources and/or support you may need for your current and future client projects.

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Member-exclusive tutorials

My personal tips and additional tutorials on Squarespace customizations and CSS topics that can help you expand your understanding on how code works, increase your knowledge and grow your skills. I don't share these anywhere else!


  1. Will I get access to all your plugins, like in other memberships?

    No. This membership is meant to help you grow your skills, knowledge and understanding of custom code through additional information, encouragement and support. However, you do get an exclusive member discount you can use whenever you need or want a new resource from the shop!

  2. What happens if I don’t like the club or find out it’s not for me?

    Then you’re free to go! You can cancel your subscription at any time.


Still have questions about the club?
Shoot me an email at beatriz@thirtyeightvisuals.com!