MINT Event Design

“Before working with Beatriz I was struggling to find the time to learn and understand how Square Space worked so I could customize my website and make it my own little space on the internet. There are so many people that does this kind of job, that just trying to find that special one, made me hesitate about doing it myself. I’m a very type A person…”

– Carolina Villareal |

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Ms. Paper Moon

"Working with Beatriz was simple and lifted the weight of having to do everything myself. Sometimes I just don't have enough time to write code myself, and just showing her what I need done and getting so fast is a God-send! Beatriz is my go-to-gal anytime I need something special for my website that will make it standout!"

– Stephanie Owens |

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Coin my Copy

"I came across Thirty Eight Visuals by chance, trying to DIY some issues. After 3 weeks searching for a web designer and interviewing designers from Russia, Malaysia, India, the USA and Canada. I figure I am pretty well qualified to say that if you have Squarespace issues, look no further. Beatriz is organized, diligent, comes up with great suggestions and advice…”

– Gary Buisansky |

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Ask Kaitlin

"I would do it all over again! I’ve worked with another designer who was scattered in business and ultimately her creativity. I felt at all points you were on your game. That made me feel safe, my brand was cared for, and that you were dependable and loyal. I never once doubted your capabilities or dedication to this project. And to me, that is the BEST investment I could make in my budding business!!"

– Kaitlin Robinson |

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Top Agent Network

"I got a lot of great design submissions for this project. Some designs needed a little more feedback than others, but Beatriz hit the nail on the head with her first design. It was immedietly clear that Beatriz spent more time than everyone else reading the brief, and reviewing the assets I provided for the design. I know how hard it can be reading through a brief and producing a design…”

– Ryan Harmon

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"Your style of simplicity alongside powerful visual representations/designs is seriously a talent you have. Our CEO has worked with thousands of designers and web coders and he personally mentioned 'This is a very powerful design, while keeping the viewer content, comfortable and highly engaged. This designer has strong skills and serious talent!' "

– William Henry Miller

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