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About the project

Carolina is a party planner and event stylist that organizes and decorates all types of fun and incredibly creative events for her clients.

She already had a Squarespace site but was having a hard time tweaking it and making improvements to some of her pages.

Before working with Beatriz I was struggling to find the time to learn and understand how Square Space worked so I could customize my website and make it my own little space on the internet. There are so many people that does this kind of job, that just trying to find that special one, made me hesitate about doing it myself. I’m a very type A person. From start to being on a monthly maintenance has been so smooth! Beatriz is great at listening and understanding my needs and ideas, she is able to work on things like I like to call them “Behind the scenes”, and also being able to make sure the website looks pretty! Her knowledge on Square Space impresses me! You can really see that she loves her job!
— Carolina Villareal



The first thing I did was remove all of the images that were being used in place of text – affecting her site's SEO – and switch them for real text and custom headings that she can now use any time just by selecting different options in her text toolbar.

Among other customizations, I also:

  • Optimized her gallery pages with a fresh and bold layout.

  • Added breadcrumbs to make it easier to browse through all her event galleries.

  • Gave her menu links a watercolor hover mode.

  • Styled the heading on her main banner to avoid covering her image as much as possible.

  • Gave her blog a branded category filter.

  • Optimized her Press & Reviews page layout, to display her clients' testimonials in a more engaging way.

  • Added a banner image to her blog page with a custom layout.

  • Created an automatic signature for all her blog posts, which can be deactivated on selected posts at will.


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