About this project

Snaptrax is a removable bluetooth unit which fits into all types of headwear lining and furthermore connects, controls and interacts with smartphones and bluetooth devices such as tablets and notebooks.

The startup company is all about wearable technology that is aesthetic and non-intrusive which evokes confidence and creates safety for every single owner through all types of everyday situations.

To promote their device, the client wanted a website that described the product, showed partners, media coverage, and various other information. Based on their requests I created a modern, high-tech and clean look and feel that would attract not only tech savvy customers but anyone interested in new technology.

Your style of simplicity alongside powerful visual representations/designs is seriously a talent you have. Our CEO has worked with thousands of designers and web coders and he personally mentioned ‘This is a very powerful design, while keeping the viewer content, comfortable and highly engaged. This designer has strong skills and serious talent!’
— William Henry Miller


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