Ms. Paper Moon


About the project

Stephanie is a brand and website designer and knows her way around code, but she doesn't always have time to tinker with it to bring her vision to life.

For this project, she needed something she could use over and over again on 4 different sites, by only making a few content tweaks!

Working with Beatriz was simple and lifted the weight of having to do everything myself. Sometimes I just don’t have enough time to write code myself, and just showing her what I need done and getting so fast is a God-send! Beatriz is my go-to-gal anytime I need something special for my website that will make it standout!
— Stephanie Owens


Strategy & code

I created 5 different plugins for Stephanie to accommodate her block layout needs and save her time, by not having to tweak the HTML code on her own but only the text content inside them.

All plugins are fully responsive to adapt to different screen devices beautifully, they are completely customizable in terms of colors, pick up the site's fonts automatically, and can be used anywhere a Code Block is available.

Ms Paper Moon Squarespace customization.jpg


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