Top Agent Network


About this project

Top Agent Network is an online free service that helps customers get matched with the best real estate agents in their area. They already had a membership landing page for the agents, but they now needed one to develop consumer-side leads. In terms of style, they wanted to incorporate the same look of their existing page, while also adding new content in the cleanest clutter-free way possible.

Based on the wireframe provided and the guidelines for the style, I created a simple and clean design that has great imagery, minimal text, matches the look of their existing site and will engage users quickly thanks to the prominent top CTA and the backup section near the bottom.

I got a lot of great design submissions for this project. Some designs needed a little more feedback than others, but Beatriz hit the nail on the head with her first design. It was immedietly clear that Beatriz spent more time than everyone else reading the brief, and reviewing the assets I provided for the design. I know how hard it can be reading through a brief and producing a design (I am also a 99Designs Designer) but I know Beatriz will take the time to do awesome work. I can’t wait to work with her again. Thank you Beatriz!
— Ryan Harmon


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