When it Rains Paper Co.


About the project

When It Rains Paper Co. is the story of 2 sisters who made their dreams a reality one rainy day. They specialize in paper, party and personalization. 

They have a gorgeous Squarespace site filled with all of their paper products and an amazing blog where they share the behind the scenes of their business! But... they were a bit annoyed with one of their template's feature – or more specifically, lack of.

Wow, thank you so much! Thank you again for the great customer service!
— Cason & Kathryn Rainwater



They are currently using the Galapagos template, which is fantastic for e-commerce sites but not so much for blogs.

The problem was, they had only two options to display their content on the main blog page:

  1. Showcase full blog posts stacked one over the other, which made it pretty difficult to give their audience a chance to pick what to read or to even browse through older posts.

  2. Display only a post excerpt without imagery – since that template doesn't allow for thumbnails – which would be particularly annoying for all their recipe posts since they can't showcase the final result.

But they wanted the best from both worlds without having to switch to a different template, therefore custom code was necessary.

With the help of CSS and some JS, I was able to come up with a workaround for their blog page, and now they're able to display a faux thumbnail and excerpt along with a customized Read More button to invite their audience to click!


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