Ask Kaitlin

Ask Kaitlin

Kaitlin is a Light Coach and Ask Kaitlin is her brand. She offers weekly psychospiritual tips and 1:1 coaching lessons to her audience, helping them overcome struggles in different areas of their lives by shining light and knowledge. 



She was looking to have her website built from scratch, and be able to offer her Askers a place to read her latest blog posts and featured articles, watch her Ask Kaitlin TV videos, and request a private consultation to tackle difficult matters.

Amongst the code customizations added to her site, I:

  • Created an animated signature of her name for her about page.

  • Set up an additional text option so she can add a different font to one or more words inside a paragraph.

  • Added a quick way for her Askers to switch between different video topics, including customized archive dropdown and filter buttons on her video gallery page.