LuckyMan Art

Luckyman Art

Justin was looking for a simple website where he could display all the information their leads wanted to know about his art management services.



One of the biggest challenges was to make sure the site didn’t look cluttered with text, since there was a lot of details that needed to be provided for his prospective clients.

Working together with his copywriter, we found the best layout to display all his copy in a digestible way, so his visitors now have quick answers to all their questions!

This process involved customizing some of Squarespace’s native blocks to be able to mix the ease of use of the edit mode – to add or remove text at will – with an uncluttered layout.

Amongst the code customizations involved I:

  • Modified one of the image layout blocks to organize the different bullet points for each of his service.

  • Customized the layout of the FAQs section to maintain the visual aids in line with the questions/answers at all times.