Squarespace customization made simple




Consultation, training and code outsourcing for Squarespace designers that want to customize their client sites, without pulling their hair out.

Whether you don’t have enough time or patience to figure out on your own how to achieve the tweaks you’d love to make on your design, these services are here to help!



30min call | USD $90

If you have a “quick question” on a customization you’re already working on (that doesn't want to cooperate) or want general recommendations for your client’s site layout, book a 30 min Squarespace 1:1 session so we can tackle all the questions you may have!

You'll have access to the recording of our call and 1 week of support in case any follow up questions pop into your mind!

Book a short session



60min call | USD $180

Want to learn how to achieve one or more specific customizations and understand the reasoning behind them so you can replicate them on other projects? Let’s set up a 1 hour Squarespace 1:1 session and dive deep into what you want to know!

You'll have access to the recording of our call and 2 weeks of support in case follow up questions pop into your mind!

Book a long session



+1 week | Starts at USD $180

If there's too much going on and you want to take off your plate some (or all) of the code customizations planned for your client’s site, let's set up a customization project!

  1. Fill out the application form to provide all the details about the customizations you're looking to outsource.
  2. With this information on hand, I'll be able to evaluate if the customization package is a good fit for your project. If it is, I'll send over a proposal package with a custom quote so you can book your project's start date!
  3. On the day the project begins, I'll take care of your customization(s) while you repurpose your time! I'll keep you updated along the way and let you know when you can check it out.
  4. After delivery, your client customization(s) will be ready to go, you'll be able to move on to the next thing, and I'll be able to support you for the next 2 weeks in case you have any questions, or your client changes its mind and small style tweaks are needed.
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Outsourcing FAQs

    Absolutely! If the customization involves things like colors, fonts, sizes, etc I’ll let you know how you can easily change them. You’re free to edit the rest of the code, however keep in mind that fixing issues that may come up because of it may require an hourly rate.

    I do my best to avoid you and your client the hassle of tinkering with code. If a customization requires any of you to touch the code to make it happen or update it, I’ll warn you when sending the proposal so you can decide whether to move forward with that modification or not.

    On most cases, I prefer implementing the code myself since even when I can recreate the same layout you’re working with on a trial site, there may be other factors involved that I’m not aware of (e.g. padding, margins, style editor settings) that may make the snippet work differently for you once I deliver it. However, I’ve created “custom plugins” for other designers that want to be able to add the code on their own, and even apply the same customization to other client sites. If that’s what you’d like to do I’m happy to discuss the options!

    The minimum project timeline is 1 week, from start date to delivery, it can be more on your case based on the amount of customizations to be made or their complexity. This doesn’t include the initial evaluation or the booking process, and doesn't consider the available start dates. This service is NOT available for same-week or next-week projects.

    My focus is HTML and CSS, so I'm able to do most customizations involving how you want something to look like! If you're after things that happen when something else goes on on the site (e.g on scroll, when clicking a button, etc) I may not be the right person to help you. This is the kind of thing I'll evaluate after you fill out the application form to make sure this service is a right fit for you!


A few words,
from previous clients

You’re the best! Client loves the fix and I can now mark that project done! Thanks so much! Glad you’re in the business of helping us.
— Andrea Shirey | One Nine Design
I’d reached a stage of design where I needed reasonable mastery of CSS, but was unable to get over the hump of the basics. Beatriz, start-to-finish, everything was perfect. You remind me of myself *when I’m at my best* (plus an added bit of design sense beyond mine).
— David Posner | dsp Human Solutions
I needed an experienced Squarespace coder to help me think through certain elements of custom coding and teach me the ways! B is talented, knowledgable, and I love the way she carefully and expertly explains complex topics.
— Jenny-Kate Barkin | JKB Creative
The whole thing was seamless! Love how easy you made everything and then how non-judgey you were about my coding skills haha
— Louise Henry | Solopreneur Sidekick
I could figure it out on my own if I worked at it long enough. It was a case of making the most use of my time! I loved that you offered support for a week. That motivated me to make the changes we discussed and not put it off so that I could take advantage of that if I had problems.
— Connie Holen | Pixality Design
Working with Beatriz was simple and lifted the weight of having to do everything myself. Sometimes I just don’t have enough time to write code myself, and just showing her what I need done and getting so fast is a God-send! Beatriz is my go-to-gal anytime I need something special for my website that will make it standout!
— Stephanie Owens | Ms. Paper Moon
Before working with Beatriz I was struggling to find the time to learn and understand how Square Space worked so I could customize my website and make it my own little space on the internet. I’m a very type A person. Beatriz is great at listening and understanding my needs and ideas, she is able to work on things like I like to call them “Behind the scenes”, and also being able to make sure the website looks pretty! Her knowledge on Square Space impresses me! You can really see that she loves her job!
— Carolina Villareal | Mint Event Design
I came across Thirty Eight Visuals by chance, trying to DIY some issues. After 3 weeks searching for a web designer and interviewing designers from Russia, Malaysia, India, the USA and Canada. I figure I am pretty well qualified to say that if you have Squarespace issues, look no further. Beatriz is organized, diligent, comes up with great suggestions and advice and does what she says she will on time. I guess I am a sucker for great service. Your after service is just one of the things that sets you apart!
— Gary Buisansky | Coin My Copy
I would do it all over again! I’ve worked with another designer who was scattered in business and ultimately her creativity. I felt at all points you were on your game. That made me feel safe, my brand was cared for, and that you were dependable and loyal. I never once doubted your capabilities or dedication to this project. And to me, that is the BEST investment I could make in my budding business!!
— Kaitlin Robinson | Ask Kaitlin