service package



With this package, we’ll get to work 1:1 to find the best way to bring your design idea to life considering the use that will be given to the customization, the template it will be implemented on, and keeping it easy for your client – and you! – to make updates through the regular controls.

What's the process like?

  1. Get sarted by applying for a project and filling out the form to share all the details about your client project with me.
  2. I’ll evaluate your project based on all the details you provided and, if the project is doable, get back to you with a proposal and the next available start date.
  3. You’ll be able to book your project with your signature and payment, and once the start date arrives we’ll get to work!

What's the investment?

It depends on the size and complexity of the project:

$150 - Small fixes
$270 - Medium projects
$450 - Larger projects

What's the size of my project?

That will be determined through the initial evaluation, made after you submit your project application, based on all the requirements, limitations and best solutions available to achieve the final customization/fix.

Who's this package for?

This package is perfect for Squarespace designers who:

  • Want to add a unique, personalized or customized look to their client’s site but aren’t sure how to achieve it (or if it’s even possible!) and can’t afford to waste more time searching for answers or possible solutions that may not even work with the site’s template.
  • Consider themselves “creative brains” and either don’t have the patience to learn code, or know just the basics and don’t want to have to handle bigger customizations.
  • Know some code, but can’t spend project time trying to figure out how to achieve a request their client asked for.
  • Have no idea how to fix an issue that popped up while designing their client’s site.

Who isn't a good match?

This package is NOT a good match for:

  • Designers who aren't familiar with the ins and outs of Squarespace.
  • Designers who are on a super tight deadline (rush projects are only accepted under certain conditions).
  • Non-designers