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Imagine being able to create a website that looks different from all others, without feeling overwhelmed by not knowing how to get there!

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It's about what works for you

You're an entrepreneur with a unique business, and are determined to have a website that doesn't look like you're just another *insert your title here*.

You know you want to simplify your site, make things a lot clearer, narrow down your focus and even include some of the great design elements you have saved on your Pinterest inspiration boards (we both know it's more than one board).

The problem is you're trying to figure out too many things at once!

So you're just sitting there, paralized and feeling overwhelmed with all this inspiration and energy, not knowing where to begin.

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Or maybe, maybe you're a fellow Squarespace designer, and what you want is to set yourself apart from all the other designers that are popping up daily by creating websites that feel more than just a template!

The thing is you're unsure how to make Squarespace look a certain way, so you keep spending hours researching for every little workaround, and get increasingly frustrated with each request your client makes because let’s face it... you’re on a deadline here!

Copy/pasting code snippets is not going to cut it (no pun intended) if you’re not sure how to make them work for your project.


You're ready to create a different kind of site without reinventing the wheel

Because you’re not putting SO much energy, passion and effort in building your business to get your style and point of view across, just to end up looking like everyone else.


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Take a look!

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Customization service

A done-for-you personalized service where I take your customization idea and bring it to life through HTML and CSS. This is a perfect match for:

  • Entrepreneurs who have a Squarespace site for their business and don’t want to have to touch code, or don’t have time to figure it out on their own.

  • Squarespace designers who want to provide customizations for their clients but don’t have time to write code themselves, or aren’t sure how to achieve what their clients requested.

Step 1: Apply & Book

Once you have an idea of the customization you’re after, fill out the application form to tell me all about it. The more details you can give me the better, since this way I’ll be able to quickly tell you if I can bring it to life for you!

After I’ve made my evaluation, I’ll send you a custom quote along with an agreement so you can book your spot in my client calendar!

Step 2: Sit back

When the project start date arrives, I’ll work my way through your requested customization(s) and let you know when I’m done so you can look them over.

In the meantime, you can focus on your business, work on other parts of your project, or even have a day off knowing I’m taking good care of your site!

Step 3: Cross it off!

Upon implementation there’s nothing else for you to do except cross it off your to-do list and enjoy your new customized design!

You'll get priority support from me during the following 2 weeks in case you run into any issues with your customization, or have questions about it.

Price varies per project. Average project quote starts at USD $300

Previous projects

Got Q's?

What's the normal timeline for a customization project?

It depends! Some customizations are more complex to implement than others, some require more experimentation, and not all projects involve the same amount of requests. The average project, so far, takes 2 weeks from start to delivery (excluding support period).

Do I have to touch the code after you made the customization to my site?

It depends! I do my best to avoid my clients any sort of code tweaking or handling, however depending on what has been requested it might be necessary for you to touch it, either to replicate it on another page or adjust it to your liking in the future. Whenever this happens, I make sure to give my clients step-by-step instructions on how to do it!

Do you have to implement the code yourself, or can you send it to me so I can do it?

If you like adding code to your site and just need to have the right snippet to be able to implement it, I'm more than happy to send it over! Keep in mind this will slightly increase the time and quote of the project since I will be setting up an implementation guide for you so you can use it.

Fellow designers I've worked with love having this option!

What type of customizations can you do?

I work my magic with HTML and CSS! I have some JavaScript knowledge but rather refer this type of work to someone else.

This means that my main focus is visual customizations (including basic animations) and not so much functionality customizations; so if your request includes a "when this gets clicked/loads/scrolls, this other thing should happen" I may not be able to help you.

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